GATT General Adhesive Tissue Tape

General Adhesive Tissue Tape

GATT Technologies BV is developing GATT™, a unique polymer-based General Adhesive Tissue Tape (GATT),
to be used as superior surgical sealant for various surgical applications.

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What is GATT

An ideal sealant combines high tissue-binding with an excellent safety profile and a very high internal strength that outperforms the products currently on the market. GATT fulfills these requirements by a technology platform based on polyoxazoline polymers. GATT Technologies BV uses polyoxazoline, in a modified and activated form, as a building block to construct its GATT sealants.

About Us

GATT Technologies BV was founded in August 2011 and develops GATT™, a polymer-based General Adhesive Tissue Tape, to be used as a superior surgical sealant for various surgical applications. The GATT product is based on a unique and innovative polymer technology that is developed in conjunction with the Department of Organic Chemistry of the Radboud University Nijmegen.