Supervisory Board

GATT Technologies BV is assisted by a Supervisory Board. The Board members vast breath and depth of experience facilitate and ensure the growth and development of GATT.

Adrie Kuyper GATTAdrie Kuyper, Chairman, Non-Executive Directors

Adrie is an International Executive and General Manager. He has a BSc in Food Science and an MBA from Harvard Business School. His attention is focused on international growth and expansion of organizations, people and products. He operates at both strategic and operational levels, and leads organizations and people so that they become independent and autonomous, and can continue to grow using their own inner strength.

Adrie can be described as a highly energetic individual with a hands-on, no-nonsense approach who has led and developed many teams in a wide range of industries. Specialties: Mergers and Acquisitions, Finance, VC investing and International Sales. Fluent in 6 languages.


Frans Rosmalen GATTFrans Rosmalen, Non-Executive Director

Frans is the General Manager at Rosmalen Consultancy working for the Life Science Industry. By education, Frans is an Engineer, HLO Oss. He was the Founder and CEO of Future Diagnostics BV. Future Diagnostics BV is a company which develops diagnostic tests and systems for third parties. Future Diagnostics BV is working for 9 out of the top ten diagnostic companies worldwide. He was the Founder and CEO of Immuno Technology Service BV. This company developed and produced diagnostic test in the ‘niche’ market. ITS has been acquired by Nichols Institute Diagnostics. Honours and Awards: Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau, 2012.


Erik Hamminga GATTErik Hamminga, Non-Executive Director

Erik is working as 'Consultant' Business Development Executive for Contract Research Organisations with extensive network in Northern European Bio- Pharmaceutical companies and has expertise in pre-clinical up to phase IV and conduct of Paediatric clinical trials, COPD/Respiratory and oncology in children. Erik is a strong Business Development Executive and consultant to several biotech and pharmaceutical companies. His large network covers most biotech and pharmaceutical companies and academic research centres in Northern Europe, Germany, Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Belgium. Specialty: Manager (Interim) Consultant in life sciences and (paediatric) clinical trials for bio-pharmaceutical companies.