​The need for improved sealants

In various surgical procedures involving the lungs, dura or intestines, sealants are used to strengthen or replace conventional closing methods such as suturing and stapling.

In colorectal surgery, one of the most dreaded complications after a resection and the subsequent formation of an anastomosis is an anastomotic leak. In the Netherlands the incidence of anastomotic leaks after colorectal surgery was reported to be close to 15% in 2014. Anastomotic leaks result in longer hospital stays but also increased mortality. In order to reduce the number of anastomotic leakages and other complications that occur after procedures involving anastomosis, various products are being developed to improve anastomotic sealing, reduce or stop bleeding, prevent strictures and promote wound healing after traditional suturing or stapling.

In order to give surgeons a clinical effective, reliable and easy-to-use solution for the strengthening of anastomoses and prevention of leakages, GATT developed the GATT-Tape.


GATT-TapeGatt-tape Easy to use sealants

  • instant ease of use

  • guarantueed consistent clinically effectiveness and safety

  • cost effective


Instant ease of use

  • Storage at room temperature: no special storage conditions needed  (alu-alu pouch)
  • No preparation:   simply taking the tape out of the pouch
  • Easy to position:    adhesion starts after 20-30 seconds in contact with moist tissue
  • Very high adhesions strength to the tissue and itself
    tape connects intestine water tight within 1-2  minutes
  • Elastic and flexible: allowing for the natural movements and stretching of the intestinal organ
  • Anti-adhesive backside (backing) as from t=0
  • Biodegradable < 6 weeks


Consistent effectiveness and safety

  • no risk of gel entering anastomosis  (risk of impaired healing)
  • no risk of dripping gel on surrounding tissue  (risk of adhesion)
  • consistent sealing by closure of tape
    homogeneous thickness, flexibility, strength, degradation time
  • optimised elasticity/flexibility from tape backing
  • no curing time, anti-adhesive tape backing allows for instant continuation of  surgical procedure


Synthetic Tape under development Easy to use graphic