About GATT

Unmet needs in a large hemostat and sealant market

The global market for hemostats and sealants is an attractive 4B$ market, growing with 5-10% per year. Many products are offered by many vendors, but the market is still lacking products to address the unmet needs of:

  • controlling severe bleedings (@competitive price levels)

  • preventing leakage in high demanding sealant applications

Triggered by this strong market need and the idea for a new technology, GATT Technologies BV was founded in 2011 by Johan Bender, with the ambition to develop a superior synthetic surgical hemostat and sealant platform to enable the bundling of all desirable features in medical device products.

Driven by this needs, the actual market is shifting from expensive fibrin based medicines to more effective, easier to use, synthetic NHS-based medical device solutions.


Gatt product piplineGATT product pipeline

  • GATT-Patch fast hemostatic sealing patch for general surgery
  • GATT-Tape for preventing intestinal anastomotic leakage       
  • GATT-Powder fast hemostatic sealing powder for general surgery
  • GATT-Spray strong adhesive elastic sealant for general surgery

  • Other potential applications based on the NHS-POx technology comprise: bone regeneration, anti-adhesion, vascular, ophthalmology


GATT proprietary synthetic NHS-POx technology 

GATT Technologies developed synthetic NHS-POx, as an alternative to NHS-PEG with very strong features:

  • very fast hemostasis, also for thin anticoagulated blood
  • fast and strong adhesion on wet tissue
  • applicable for all product formulations, allowing for a complete hemostat and sealant portfolio
  • very tuneable: optimised effectiveness per specific application
  • very cost effective, scalable production
  • strong proprietary GATT IP portfolio covering the complete hemostat and sealant product scope



GATT has established in-vivo porcine Proof-of-Concepts confirming the strong characteristics:

  • very fast hemostasis, also for thin anticoagulated blood
  • fast and strong adhesion to wet tissue
  • cost-effective scalable production
  • applicable for all product formulations

GATT has successfully tested Proof-of-Concepts of the following products:

GATT-Patch based on several existing collagen, ORC/cellulose, gelatine patches
GATT-Powder based on several existing hemostatic starch powders